Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Nutrition rocks!

We've waited a long time for a headline like that.
    Even though as far as Beauty Bible is concerned:  nutrition does absolutely 'rock'.  We are what we eat.  And we know from talking to oh, just about a gazillion women over the years, that a woman's skin is what she eats, too.
    Funny,  then, that we still often encounter glazed expressions at the mention of the word.
    But f you've ever been in any doubt that nutrition can be fascinating, useful - even life-changing! - then you might want to attend one of the upcoming Nutrition Rocks Saturday workshops at the so-sexy St. Martin's Lane Hotel, pictured here.  They're led by Hala El-Shafie (she is, among other things, nutritionist to Meg Mathews and Davina McCall, as well as being resident nutritionist on ITV's This Morning), and are all about encouraging women to eat better for health.  (And develop a more positive body image, at the same time.)
     What's more, the workshops bring together celebrity make-up artists and fashion stylists to add a distinctly groovy edge to proceedings.
     In other words:  if you find yourself sitting around discussing Black-Eyed Peas, it's as likely to be the band as a form of protein-rich
dried pulse...

Dates are:

Saturday 14th April
Saturday 5th May
Saturday 3rd June
Saturday 23rd June
Saturday 22nd September
Saturday 20th October
Saturday 17th November
Saturday 1st December