Thursday, 1 December 2011

A plum of a make-up masterclass, with Mary Greenwell

Great make-up videos are rarer than hen's teeth.  (Trust us:  we've spent hours in a darkened room narrowing down a useful selection for our own website VIDEOS section, and almost lost the will to live in the process.)
     As for great make-up artists, they don't come much more mega than Mary Greenwell.  Not only would most supermodels not get out of bed for less than $10,000, but they darned well wouldn't get out of bed if Mary wasn't going to be doing their make-up, either.  And Mary's list of stellar clients is still as long as your arm.
    So:  it is time to discover the first Mary Greenwell Makeup Masterclass, on  (Say it 'High Five-Oh'.)  And yes, it's our very own Jo presenting this series (there will be five, in all, uploaded weekly).
     Mary's just brilliant at explaining what she does, sharing her pro's secrets and demo-ing in a way that's not only incredibly easy to follow, but inspiring, too.  Though essentially targeted at fifty-plus women (it's so easy to lose the plot, make-up wise, after un certain age), it's just as fascinating to watch a true pro at work whether you're 17 or 70.
     Mary's other great 'make-up' tip, FYI, is fragrance.  Fragrance...?  It's what she's always sprayed on models before sending them in front of the camera.  'I make them look beautiful, but fragrance makes them feel beautiful,' she says.  Few fragrances are destined to make a woman feel more beautiful than Mary's own debut signature fragrance, Plum - so can we suggest you check this out, too...?  (And to read Jo's blog about Plum on The Scent Critic, click here.)
     Meanwhile, as soon as we get a whiff that the next Mary Greenwell Masterclass is live, we'll let you know... - click here for the Masterclass