Monday, 5 December 2011

The gift of great hair

Forget expensive jackets.  Or good coats.  Or even haute couture,
to be honest.
     At Beauty Bible we've long believed that the secret of looking really fab is great hair.  End of.  (You buy a designer jacket, and how often do you wear it?  But your hair?  You wear that every day...)
     So:  maybe your best friend/mum/goddaughter is a haystack head. Or maybe she has an arsenal of styling products and a relationship with her straightening irons that really ought to be announced in the engagement column of The Times.  
     But one thing we know:  if she's within a kirby grip's throw of Hershesons salon, she's bound to love one of these gift vouchers for Hershesons Blow Dry Bars (located at Westfield, Topshop Oxford Circus and One New Change, St. Paul's).
     Available for one, three, or six free blow-drys (prices:  £24-£144).
     Sure beats novelty slippers, in our book.  (Because who ever looked groomed in those...?)

Click here to buy the vouchers on-line