Friday, 9 December 2011

We're peachy-keen on this

There's something super-warm and seasonally welcoming about this bathroom - our Friday 'pampering inspiration' for you.
     We dig the etched glass doors.  And terracotta tub, and the plaster bas relief on the walls.
     All off-set beautifully with grey towels (so it's not totally, boringly matchy-matchy.  Plus:  when did you ever meet a man happy to dry himself on a peach-toned towel...?)  Oh, and is that a vase of straight-from-the-Folies-Bergรจre pale blue ostrich feathers, in a vase...? Decadent touch, that.  (So:  thanks to A Slice of Beauty's blog, for sharing this with us.)
     We'll be lighting a few candles of our own and sinking beneath waters aromatherapeutically-scented with our new bathtime fave rave, Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Shower & Bath Oil, this weekend.
     You might like to be the same.  Not least because behind a locked door, in a bathroon, is one of the few true escapes from Christmas madness, right now.
     And isn't that a peach of a thought?

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