Friday, 2 December 2011

Ten-four, rubber ducky...

Decorating, we've observed, can sometimes get a little serious for its own good.
     So we were very happy to stumble across this stylish bathroom in on-line Rue Magazine, which is worth a cyberflick if you're a decor junkie, like us.  (There's an iPad verison, too.)
    We love the splashes of yellow, to brighten the monochrome colour scheme.  And the tufted bath mat:  imagine burying your toes in that, on a chilly morning.  But we especially like the duck:  a witty touch that transforms the decor from 'safe' to 'witty', in one webbed-footed bound.
     Happy Friday, from Beauty Bible.  And wherever you're soaking this weekend, have a relaxing one.