Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Go on - Kiss It Better!

We're going to tell you a beautiful story.
     Once upon a time, long, long ago, our friend Carmel Allen's baby daughter Josephine was diagnosed with a childhood cancer, neuroblastoma.  Happily, Josephine recovered fully (after months of treatment bravely borne), and is the most lovely child.  (Inside and out).  But Carmel - who'd been Beauty Editor at Tatler - decided that some good should come from this traumatic experience, which many beauty editors friends of Carmel's felt we'd shared in just a little.  So, Kiss It Better was born:  a brilliant charity to raise money (via the beauty industry) for Great Ormond Street Hospital's research into the causes and treatment of childhood cancers.
     The deal's simple.  You get lovely beauty products;  kids get the hope of better health.  And February's basically 'Kiss It Better Month' at Clinique, with two ways you can help raise money.  First, the new limited edition Smoothie Kisses Lip Gloss set (featuring four shades of one of our favourite, antioxidant-rich lip glosses), in a fab splashily printed bag.  £4 of the £22.50 price (£2 from Clinique, £2 from House of Fraser, where it's exclusively on sale) will go to Kiss It Better.  Actually, for every Clinique lipstick or gloss sold at HoF throughout February, £2 goes to KIB.
     Or if you're feeling a bit more generous, you'll want to know that funky illustrator Daisy de Villeneuve has produced this special limited edition print for Kiss It Better - and 100% of the £100 sale price of the triptych goes to GOSH.  It's on-line at the outlets below.
     Sometimes, stories really do have happy endings.

www.houseoffraser.co.uk (to buy Smoothie Kisses)  
www.clinique.co.uk (to buy print)
www.gosh.org/shop (ditto)