Monday, 28 February 2011

Fairtrade goes fabulous

Maybe you buy Fairtrade bananas.  And chocolate.  Coffee, too.  (Which reminds us:  it's that time of the morning.)  But beauty products...?
     Well, now it's an option - and with Fairtrade Fortnight starting today (running until 13th March), you can make a difference to farming communities in the developing world when you cleanse, tone, moisturise.  For instance, Evolve are using Fairtrade argan oil, Inca inchi oil and Kalahari melon seed oil, in their skincare.  Green People now have the Fairtrade label on two of their bestselling Organic Babies products.  Even chaps can now have a fairer shave:  Bulldog just unveiled their first Fairtrade grooming must-haves, with Eco-System Shave Gel and Moisturiser (featuring Faitrade sesame oil from Nicaragua and Brazl nut oil from Peru).
     Even more ground-breakingly, Absolute Skincare have created a Fairtrade Spa range - so spa-goers can basically make a difference while lying horizontal.  (We like that.)
     We admit that in some cases, the Fairtrade ingredients are a small percentage of the formulation.  (Unlike coffee, where it's 100%.)  But we believe:  every little helps, and that there's no reason why every ingredient sourced from the developing world shouldn't ultimately offer a fairer deal for farmers and growers.
     The bottom line:  you get lovely skin.  And farmers and their families get a better lifestyle.  Can't say fairer than that.