Thursday, 17 February 2011

Wonder Woman flies into Selfridges

We all need a superhero or two in our make-up bags.  And while MAC are known for their funky special editions, this is our favourite yet:  a complete Wonder Woman-inspired collection, exclusively at Selfridges and from today (Thursday 17th).
     Pow!  That's the effect from the Penultimate Eye-Liner (in Rapid Black), the so-easy-to-use long-wear felt tip.  Bam!  Wonder Woman Lipglass gives a sheer pop of vibrant colour - a brilliant red flatteringly softened with a touch of pearl.  Splat!  Er, that's the damage, when the credit card bill hits.
   But still, true collectibles, every one - and guaranteed to put a smile on any make-up lover's face.  And if you manage to resist one of the Wonder Woman metallic make-up bags...?  Then you are truly blessed with a superpower.