Monday, 14 February 2011

Down and dirty beauty from Bare Escentuals

To celebrate Valentine's-esque we offer you a heart.  OK, it's a soil heart.  Maybe a beauty first.  But the BareMinerals launch where the new skincare from this celebrated mineral make-up line was unveiled was a first for us, too:  we got to DRINK the soil complex which is a key ingredient in the range!  
     This is the deal:  into the capsule collection of products goes a skin-boosting mineral-rich blend derived from virgin soil, to help boost skin radiance.  You don't normally drink it:  you smooth it into your skin.  (That was just a gimmick.  Honestly, the things we do, in the line of duty - though it was quite scrummy, as it happens...)
     But here's a promise:  it doesn't make you look like Stig of the Dump.  (Or The Stig, come to that.)  In fact, there's one innovative BareMinerals product which will make you look that bit more gorgeous at bedtime than usual:  the Pure Transformation Night Treatment, which buffs onto skin with a brush - yes, just like mineral make-up - helping to unify your complexion visibly, while working invisibly to reduce pore size and improve firmness and elasticity.
     So:  your mother was wrong.  You can now sleep in your make-up.  And who doesn't 'heart' that idea...? (launching April, like we say)