Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A very good Egg

Jo came across this little magazine while judging the National Geographic Green Awards the other day - and wearing our Green Beauty Bible hats, we thought you should know about it.  You know how so many green/ethical publications are worthy and - oh, let's face it, boring as hell.  (I mean, we always buy The Big Issue, but read it...?  Hmmm.)
     Well, Egg Mag's different.  Almost pocket-sized and (yay!) free, it's targeted at London and Brighton (so far) and is full of culture and style and scrumptiousness.  Think:  recipes for Fairtrade White Russian cocktails and Hugh Fearnley-Wearnley's chocolate macaroons.  Perfectly pick-able up-able by anyone who isn't green-minded for a jolly good, bite-sized read, the current 'White issue' actually runs from January to April.
     So it won't mount up in that media pile that you keep meaning to get round to reading, by your bed - but Georgette Heyer or India Knight somehow always beckons instead... for back-numbers, extra content and eco-offers.