Friday, 18 February 2011

Tips for Q-Tips (and other bathroom essentials)

With spring (cleaning) in the air, your thoughts may be turning to prettifying your boudoir.  So for the weekend we thought we'd inspire you with this lovely 'tablescape' (as seen on a rather wonderful blog we follow, Everything Fabulous):  pristine folded towels, a silver vase with fading roses, even an appropriate-for-the-bathroom nude, and a carefully-chosen Q-Tip jar.  (So much nicer than the plastic pot they came in...)
     The point is:  beauty is, above all, a pleasurable ritual - and we believe in making it as much a treat for all the senses as possible.  So:  this weekend we'll be doing a bit of feng shui in our own bathrooms, stashing the less alluring packaging in cupboards, gussying up a newly-cleared space with some pretty accessories and giving the whole place a good, air-clearing spritz with a mister, infused with lavender essential oil.
     Might even show you a post-prettification photo, if you ask nicely.