Monday, 31 January 2011

The search is over!

Put the flaming flags out.  At last, has a fantastic search facility.  Why is this worth a blog posting all of its ownsome? Because it's been so darned hard to find a widget that can search effectively through the truly humongous amount of information that we have on our website, and deliver clear, un-gobbledegooky answers.  (Trust us:  Ben, our web genius, has been trying for aeons.)
     The challenge, you see, is that we literally have thousands and thousands of tips, answers to beauty problems, nuggets of advice on everything from acne to rosacea to choosing the best lipstick or blitzing cellulite on  (In fact, the entire contents of our original, long out-of-print book - The Beauty Bible - are up there, minus the Tried & Testeds which would now be somewhat out of date.  Find it under BEAUTY INFO or click here.)  So, when you need the answer to a beauty conundrum, you can now actually find it.
     We may just have to go and have a lie-down.