Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What a beauty editor did next...

Gosh, some beauty editors go on to have clever ideas.  There's our friend Liz Earle, for instance, who graduated from writing about skincare to creating her own global brand.  And funnily enough, at a beauty editors' reunion organised by Liz the other day, we caught up with Christina Probert-Jones, who's started a rather splendid website called Stitch Designworks, showcasing fab make-up bags, brightly-coloured bedding and towels, ravishing robes - and this very, very clever duvet, which should help persuade any toddler-to-teenager that an early bed isn't a bad idea, occasionally.  
     It's called the Doodle Duvet, comes with eight brightly-coloured pens for drawing on the duvet - and can be washed clean out again, so your resident junior Picasso can start over, after laundry day.  (Check out the doodle tablecloth, too.)
     Ah.  And if you're wondering how a roomful of beauty editors looks, 20 years on from when we first started investigating liposomes, fruit acids and phosphosphingolipids together as part of our day jobs, the answer is:  as pretty darned well-preserved and radiant as a bunch of women who practise what they preach in print should look, actually.