Tuesday, 18 January 2011

It's Tiara Tuesday!

We have a dear friend - let's just call her Princess Fornasetti - who regularly hosts spectacularly enjoyable teas for select beauty editors at which the dress code is 'bejewelled headgear.' (Yes, even at The Connaught. It gets some weird looks, but after the first glass of champagne, who really gives a toss...?) So when we spotted this beautiful tiara in Cรดte Paris magazine, with its sparkling skyline, it became Beauty Bible's newest lust objet.
      Actually, as one of our tips to help you 'Love Your Life' in our soon-to-be-published The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, Sarah suggests:  'Make things fun.  Wear a tiara when you're hoovering (try accessories or toy stores for gorgeous bargains);  brighten tedious chores with your favourite music;  trade help with a friend.  Reward yourself with flowers, a movie, a good cup of coffee or tea with a friend.'
     And don't give a damn when people stare at your tiaras.