Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Oprah for the iPad!

Forget the TV show;  we've long been devoted readers of O, the Oprah Winfrey magazine.  However, it's hard to find on British newsstands, so you may have missed out on its mix of features and beautiful photography, which also invariably features plenty of sound wellbeing advice, inspirational thoughts (the sort which fuelled Oprah to the top of her industry), and interviews with women of achievement from all backgrounds.
     So:  the good news for iPad-owners:  O is now available as an App for the iPad, which is how we'll be reading it in future.  (Cheaper than the real magazine, too - at £2.39 per copy, and you can pick up the December as well as the January edition.)
     We also love this hilarious clip - click here - of Oprah worshipping her celestial iPad, with her list of reasons she can't live without it.
     A sentiment we rather share.