Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Detox your make-up kit

It's a detox time of year.  And that goes for make-up.  (Jo actually spent last Saturday divvying up her beauty swag into kits for each floor of her house, plus the car, plus a friend's house where she sometimes spends a night in London.  Very satisfying it was, too, and it sure beat eating nothing but grapefruit all day.)  If the idea of getting 'sorted' appeals, you'll want to know about the Bobbi Brown Makeup Detox, at her counters until 29th January.  You can take your bag along for a 30-minute 'detox' - the consultants will advise you on what to ditch, what to keep - or you can simply learn to use a palette that you got as a Christmas gift.  At no charge.   (See below for stockist details.)
     There is just one catch.  We sort of defy you not to indulge yourself with one of Bobbi's own new seasonal offerings of goof-proof ultra-wearable shades (seen here:  Powerful Face, and there's a Pretty Face option, too).  But then, it's pretty much a make-up detox, in one sexy little palette.
     Swoon. or call 0870-034 2566 for locations.