Friday, 28 January 2011

Do you have a winning wink?

Wink.  Go on.  Have a go.  And if you reckon the results are saucy/sexy/pretty enough potentially to win a bag of majorly fab beauty swag, we seriously suggest you get a friend to take your picture (or a video of that wink) and upload it to a special No 7 Best Wink page on Facebook (click here).  There are nine No 7 goodie bags to win each week (the competition closes on 15th Feb 2011).  But the prize above prizes is a No 7 Exquisite Pampering Weekend with a makeover by Lisa Eldridge, whose brilliant how-to videos we feature on our own BeautyBibleUK YouTube Channel.  (And you can find that here).
     Go on, you beautiful bunch of winkers.  Winkers, we said!