Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Quick! Grab your Chanel screensaver!

Have to be quick.
     We've a hunch this is disappearing off the Chanel Makeup Confidential website soon, 'cos it's on their (soon-to-be-removed) Christmas edition.  (Click on the 26th December 'window':  'A GIFT FOR YOU', and follow the simple instructions.)
     But we downloaded this for our Beauty Bible Macs and it's really smile-making:  whenever your screen's 'resting', the screensaver transforms it into a cascade of make-up tumbling from the sky.
     Sexiest screensaver ever, we'd say.  Just find it here - but get your skates on!
     (And yes, we know this is our second Chanel item in two days.  Vous avez une problème avec ça...?)