Friday, 27 January 2012

His (and her) dark materials

Second time we've found ourselves inspired by the Everything Fab blog, this week.  (Because as blogs go, it jolly well lives up to its name.)
     This time, we bring you the corner of a beautiful bathroom - latest in our series.  Just goes to show that they don't always have to be light and airy:  inky blue tongue-and-groove can work, too, if you add sconces and mirrors.
     Love the black-and-white photo propped on the shelf.  The bamboo table (bamboo's suddenly so hot, and you can still find it in junk shops for a song). Most of all, we like the rustic basket in place of a boring wastepaper bin.  Easy to copy, that.
     The overall effect is very Ralph Lauren, no?  And definitely somewhere we'd like to pamper ourselves.
     Wherever you wallow, this weekend, have a wonderful one.