Monday, 30 January 2012

Forever Marilyn...

We love Lisa Eldridge.
     We also love Marilyn Monroe.
     So when this leading make-up artist creates a 'get-the-look' how-to video, inspired by My Week With Marilyn, what's not to love...?
     She's nailed all of the tips and tricks of Marilyn's signature look, and it's peppered with anecdotes and stories Lisa's collected about the screen goddess.  (Did you know that Monroe slathered her skin with Vaseline before having film make-up applied...?  Or that her eye make-up look was inspired by Garbo...?  Or that the 'flick' of eyeliner wasn't a black liquid, but a brown pencil...?)
     As you may know, we have our own Beauty Bible YouTube channel where we showcase more 'wearable' looks, having hand-picked the best of what's out there.  In general, it's all about real-life beauty - not recreating famous faces.
    But this is so darned genius, we had to share it with you.
    With a big, red, lipsticked kiss from us.