Monday, 9 January 2012

Aloha Aloka!

'One-stop wellbeing destination'.  Don't we all need one of those in our lives...? Well, truth to tell, anyone within striking distance of Brighton has exactly that, in Aloka, which really is entitled to call itself a 'quality of life centre'...
     On the ground floor:  a truly mouthwateringly delicious veggie/vegan/raw food café.  (We'd eat there every darned day, if we could.)  Oh, and a shop selling natural wonders of the beauty and health world, such as AEOS:  Aura-Soma's organic skincare.  (We're liking.  Liking v-e-r-y much.)
     Upstairs:  an airy Studio, offering a range of Yoga and Pilates classes and workshops for mind/body/spirit.
     Plus:  a Day Spa with amazingly restful treatment rooms, offering therapies based on the Aura-Soma range.  You pick the coloured oils that seem to call your name (they really do) and then magically, somehow, don't ask us how, they translate into a treatment so relaxing and escapist that - well, Jo would report more if she could just remember what happened, but it's all a blissful blank.  (And isn't just the way a perfect spa treatment should be...?)
     We'll be back for seconds.  And thirds.  (And not just of the amazing lentil bake.)
Aloka - call 01273-823178 or click here
For more info about the Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System, click here.