Thursday, 12 January 2012

Calling would-be models...

'Face of' competitions.
     A lot ping into our inboxes.
     We're never quite sure whether to hit the 'Delete' button, or spread the word.  But it's January, it's quiet out there, and who knows:  one of our readers (or their daughters) might get a serious thrill out of this.
     So:  here goes.
     Hairdressers Haringtons - who've created looks for Pixie Lott, Lily Cole, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Billie Piper - are looking for a new 'face'. (Er, so your hair's got to show promise, even though it'll get a total makeover.)  Or even a head-start on a modelling career.
     Would-be contenders simply upload a photo to the salon group's Facebook page and then - gulp - get voted on.  (It's fine to enlist friends and family.)  The six 'winners' will then be narrowed down by Haringtons' Art Directors, and reposted on Facebook.  Then more voting.  More nail-chewing.
     Until - ta-dah! - those Art Directors put their heads together again. And the winner will join a line-up of professional models at an all-expenses paid shoot in May.  In a tough industry, with lots of unscrupulous people promising would-be models the earth, it's certainly a bona fide first step on the modelling ladder.
     Oh, and you've got to be 15+.  And under 30.
     And boys can enter, too.
     Many more of these competitions, and we're going to be renaming it Face-OF-book.

Click here for Haringtons Facebook entry page