Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A happy, healthy (vitamin-powered) New Year!

As you may know, we're a pair of pill-poppers.
     Vitamin pill-poppers, that is.
     Our eternal conundrum?  Finding a container that's nice enough to produce at a swanky Claridges breakfast launch, so we can take our must-have Sun Chlorella, Femergy, Ideal Omega 3 et al.
     Just found one.  (Thanks to US Daily Candy.)  It's from a site over there called House & Hold.  Comes in white, too - though we love the cheery, fire-engine, find-it-easily-in-your-handbag scarlet, ourselves.
     They do ship internationally (and it clearly doesn't weigh a ton).
     2012 just got off to a rather healthy start, then.