Tuesday, 26 April 2011

This knocks spots off other hairdryers

So cute.  So spotty.  So - well, so Cath Kidston, except this happens to be from good old M & S:  a divine little travel dryer in a very Beauty Bible-esque shade of pink - hence it pressed our (cool) button.  (FYI It's the Get Set.... Go Travel Hair Dryer:  1200W, two drying speeds, folds up - and it's just fifteen quid.)
      And it had us thinking:  why didn't anyone think of making hairdryers much more interesting-looking before this, to take the boredom out of that pesky home hairstyling ritual?
     Down with black and chrome!  Bring on the zebra stripes, the leopard prints, the colour-blocked fluorescent shades, not just in dryers but tongs, curlers, straighteners.
     Pretty please...?

To find it on-line, click here.