Thursday, 7 April 2011

More than a must-read for the Botox brigade

We've always been upfront about the fact that nobody's coming near us with a syringe, let alone a scalpel.  But we think it's every woman's right to have a cosmetic 'tweak', or even surgery, if she chooses.  (Of her own free will, not because of any external pressure.)  So long, that is, as all the right questions are asked, to optimise chances of the best possible outcome.
     We consistently point women contemplating 'procedures' in the direction of the wondrous Wendy Lewis, who contributed a section on 'the questions to ask' to The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible.
     But this new-ish quarterly glossy mag is well worth a read, too: nitty-gritty info about procedures, with a list of (carefuly-screened, so they tell us) doctors and practitioners, at the back.  It all seems very sensible and sound, to us - and even if you're not a Botox babe, there's plenty of other fascinating info about anti-ageing creams, non-surgical facelifts, and age-defiance generally.  (Including our own run-down of the best 'anti-ageing' haircare, in this latest issue.)
     Expert Beauty is on bookstands or via the link below.  With a cover price of £4.95, might be the best £4.95 you ever invest, if you're thinking about lasers/fillers/a facelift, etc.  But even better:  they're offering Beauty Bible readers a year's subscription (four issues) for just £5, if you follow the link below.
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