Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Are you a bunny-lover? We sure are...

Naturally, we are completely against animal testing.  Of any kind.  Ever. And we're long-term supporters of the BUAV.  But bunnies, mice, guinea pigs and (yes, even) rats now need your help, please.
     Though there have been major victories in the campaign against animal testing in the EU, a 'marketing' ban due to come into force in March 2013 - which would prevent the sale of new, cruelly-tested cosmetics in the EU - is now at risk.  In other words, non-EU cosmetics sold here could still have involved three types of animal tests.
     So:  will you join us and add your signatures to the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments' petition (ECEAE), to ensure this doesn't happen?
     Pretty please...?

No Cruel Cosmetics petition here.