Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Aesop pops up...

Turn your back and someone else pops up at Selfridges London.  Now it's the turn of Aesop, one of our long-term favourite Australian brands - fresh from their installation at Merçi, in Paris (which involved 4,000 cardboard 'shippers').
     The full range of Aesop skin, haircare and bodycare will be showcased in Selfridges from tomorrow (21st April) for a full five weeks (to 31st May).  Since Aesop provided this rather enigmatic visual, we rather suspect rope will be involved.
     What's more, our friend Suzanne Santos - who's been part of the brand from the start - has volunteered personally to man the Aesop pop-up for the duration.
     Having recently spent five days on the (marbled) floor at Selfridges for our own Beauty Bible pop-up shop, we'll be sure to swing by to offer Suzanne emergency rehydration.  And maybe massage her feet.  Though it was truly worth it, five days standing on a rock-hard floor talking to readers nearly finished us off!  After that brief insight into the job, our admiration for the beauty consultants there - who remain smiling and helpful all day long - now knows no bounds.
     But after five weeks, we'd probably need to check into The Priory with exhaustion...