Thursday, 3 March 2011

She Died of Beauty...

We've always liked Erin O'Connor's attitude to fashion, which is to add an extra dimension:  intelligence.  We like the way she knows how to use her own beauty - but she doesn't take it too seriously.  And we really, really love her collaboration over the years with our favourite artist, David Downton (whose fabulous illustrations appear in all our books), as his 'muse'.
     Erin's latest career move:  bags-for-life and t-shirts in monochrome black and white, designed with her stylist friend Kate Halfpenny.  Other slogans include 'She Died of Perfection' and 'She Died of Kisses' (probably our favourite).  The range is, she says, 'A teasing yet affectionate tickle at the fashion industry we continue to love, honour and serve.'
     The range is based on ethically and organically-sourced cotton.  'After all,' notes Erin, 'there's no reason why style and conscience can't co-exist'.
     And so say both of us.