Wednesday, 23 March 2011

In praise of (contd...)!

OK:  we've now declared this Foldie (Fabulous Older Women) Week.  (Although we haven't forgotten our younger readers:  on the latest site update, there are ten priceless signed copies of Bobbi Brown's new book Beauty Rules to be won, packed with skincare and make-up wisdom for tweens to twentysomethings.  Just click here.)
     But today, we're featuring fab-at-almost-55 Jerry Hall, who stars on the cover of a new mag, Ponystep, (which we discovered in Selfridges) looking as beautiful as ever - while sharing her special Texan brand of wisdom inside.  (And dipping into her photo albums.)  The magazine actually showcases quite a few Foldies - while also featuring one of the funniest interviews we've ever read in a magazine, with mad, bad (and probably great fun to know) Janice Dickinson, who must be headin' sixtywards herself.
     But there's not a Courtelle cardi, a neat string of pearls or a perm in sight.  So we say:  hallelujah, to be alive at what is the best time in history to age gorgeously.