Tuesday, 22 March 2011

In praise of (much) older women

Forgive us for being slightly obsessed with wonderful older women at the moment.  But after five days at Selfridges, where we've been privileged to meet so many readers - while launching The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, pop-up style - we feel like celebrating the gloriousness of being forty-plus, at the moment.
     Or in the case of Gitte Lee - Sir Christopher Lee's wife - seventy-plus. We're endebted to Maggie Alderson for drawing our attention to this still-head-turningly gorgeous icon of chic on her Style Notes blog.  (The pictures are by Tim Walker, no less, from Italian Vogue.)  With her customary lexicographic flair, Maggie even coined a new term:  'Foldie', for Fabulous Oldie.
     And who wouldn't aspire to that...?

For Maggie's blog, click here.