Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Fingerslickin' good!

Oh, clever, this. Saves all manner of trial and error. OPI's new free App for the iPhone has a 'slider' that let you input your skintone, and a roulette-style 'wheel' that you turn to see how different shades would look on your hands (with a very satisfying click-y sound as the wheel spins, too!)
     It's updated automatically with new collections, and you can search for shades, from blues and greens to sheer nudes, classic reds and wine shades. (The only thing it won't let you do is click to buy on-line, unlike our own Beauty Bible Beauty Steals iPhone App - just updated - which whisks you straight to somewhere in cyberspace the product you like is available. Sorry, had to throw that in.)
     Our current favourite OPI shade?  Jo's wedded to sparkling white Happy Anniversary, but suddenly we're looking at I'm India-A Mood For Love and thinking:  hmmm, hot pink might be just the perfect way to show we've got our fingers - and toes - on fashion's fluoro pulse.

Find the OPI App it at iTunes by clicking here.