Thursday, 24 March 2011

Not your mother's cardie

There are 'little old lady' cardies.  And then there are Edina Ronay cardies.  So, to continue this week's celebration of Foldies - Fabulous Older Women - we bring you news of the Edina Ronay's summer collection: gorgeous, wearable, wantable lacy hand-knits in linen, silk or silk/cashmere mixes and - here - in a style that's long enough to cover a multitude of tummy sins and won't ride up above your Spanx.  (Important, that.)
     We're thrilled that the enduringly beauteous Edina (whose clothes we have loved since we were twentysomething) is back in business and love the website.  So much so that Jo's been quoted as saying:  'Possibly the best news I've heard for 2011, Edina. I might finally be able to find something to wear...'