Monday, 1 February 2010

The new ice age

Having sniffed our way through a dozen or so summer scents in the pipeline from Coty we can confidently predict that the fragrance world is about to come over all cool and fruitsome. Lots of lush notes like watermelon, citrus, raspberry, pineapple etc. feature in some very pretty scents indeed, and there's an 'ice' theme going on, too. We especially liked Davidoff Cool Water Ice Fresh, with a twist of mint (alongside sweeter notes of orris and waterlily), and the Marc Jacobs Splash Patisserie Collection, which has Apple, Pomegranate and Biscotti options. (Actually, the Biscotti is fabulous: sweet without being sickly. And the Apple's crisp and wearable, too; we are consistently impressed with the wearability of Marc Jacobs' fragrances and suspect what this reflects is a Control Freak At Work. No bad thing, if you're going to put your name on a perfume - but alas, not always the case.) Last but not least, for men, we were extremely taken with the David Beckham offering: David Beckham Instant Ice, which has black pepper, geranium, rosemary, birch leaves and sandalwood - and which gives us the excuse to put a picture of him on our blog. They'll all start to hit the fragrance counters as the temperature rises. (Ours already has - only to be expected when getting that close to Mr. Beckham, even in cardboard form.)