Monday, 22 February 2010

Bobbi gets real

We love Bobbi Brown. She's a longstanding friend and a champion of real-life beauty (not just the kind you see in magazines and on the runway). And so we just want to give her a big pat on the back for deciding to use real women rather than glamorous models in her new 'Pretty Powerful' campaign, which you'll see on-counter (and in magazines) from 1st March, but which we're proud to preview here (before-and-after). We've been bleating on at advertisers that intelligent women don't want to have products sold to them by perfect, airbrushed 18-year-olds (we loved the Dove campaign for that), and we're thrilled Bobbi's taken up the cause with this ground-breaking promo material. 'I think women can gain a lot of confidence by seeing realistic, beautifully natural images in the media,' she tells us. Ain't that the (un-airbrushed) truth.