Sunday, 7 February 2010

Do you want to know a Secret...?

Beauty Bible this week caught up with our old friend and now-so-famous make-up pro Laura Mercier over tea (she is the only make-up artist we know whose passion for patisserie rivals our own), on a rare visit to London. (Laura’s now based mostly in Paris and Provence, having given up the jet-setting.) Regular Beauty Bible readers will know: when steering women to make-up counters, we unfailingly recommend Laura Mercier’s in-store make-up consultants - where soon there’ll be even more to swoon over. A Beauty Bible Blog exclusive: this autumn, Laura revealed she will launch ‘Palette Bonne Mine’, a trio of creamy consistencies which make for quick, foolproof results when blended into skin with fingers. (She’s a big fan of fingers, believing that nothing rivals them for a seamless finish.) ‘Bonne Mine’ translates as ‘healthy glow’ – so the palette will feature a soft, creamy blusher, bronzer and highlighter to deliver just that. Oh – and watch this space: Laura also let slip that Secret Camouflage – her most iconic product, and one of the best concealers ever created – is also being subtly reformulated, to blend even more easily into the skin. And while we wait excitedly for those launches, this summer we’re planning to shield our complexions from damage with fab new Laura Mercier Daily Face Shield SPF40: a weightless, sheer, sinks-in-fast formulation which we’re confident will keep us un-sun-damaged, and which works as a brilliant primer, packing an impressively high SPF punch (and comes in a handbag-friendly mini-tube). Zut alors, Laura - so much news! And à bientôt, we hope.