Thursday, 11 February 2010

Hairdressing's X Factor

John Frieda is the Simon Cowell of hairdressers. (Only much better-looking.) As a talent-spotter, he's unrivalled: Kerry Warn, Serge Normant, Sally Hershberger have all been brought under the John Frieda 'wing', offering creative input to one of the most famous hair brands on the planet. So we thought you'd like to know that the Frizz-Ease king just signed up Luigi Murenu, probably the world's hottest and most versatile session stylist, to join his A-List as Global Creative Consultant. We met Luigi just before the catwalk shows kick off, when he took time out from doing hair for Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore and Cate Blanchett to meet Beauty Bible (oh, OK, and some other journalists) at Lucknam Park. Seen in this (somewhat grainy, shot on Jo's iPhone) photo: Luigi and John. (And we kind of wish this site was scratch 'n' sniff, because we fell a leetle bit in love not just with charming Sardinian Luigi, but his aftershave: Comme des Garcons Series 3: Avignon. Like stepping into the Duomo or San Marco, it's so rich in incense notes. We rather hope to be within sniffing distance of Luigi again, before long.) But forget SuBo. LuMu definitely gets our vote!