Friday, 29 January 2010

The other Jessica manicure

Who’s London’s rising nail star? Jessica Hoffman, that’s who. Only she’d rather be known as Jess, to avoid confusion with the Hollywood-based doyenne of nail care. Usually based at John Frieda’s salon on Aldford Street (where we both ‘talent-spotted’ her ourselves way, way back), Beauty Bible also came face-to-face (or rather, mano a mano) with Jess at a Sally Hansen launch yesterday. First, news about the products she demo-ed which you’ll want to know about: Miracle Nail Thickener (a revolutionary product which instantly protects thin nails – like Jo’s – while reinforcing them), and Nail Shine Miracle, another true innovation which is said to be a 10-day top coat. (We’ll report back, but after 24 hours nails are certainly super-glossyy). And while being buffed, we also asked Jess for her best-ever manicure tip – which you can read below.

Shine on, Jess.

Beauty Bible blogtip: ‘To ensure polish adheres and lasts, there mustn’t be a speck of moisture or oil on nails before application. So dry hands thoroughly, use a nail polish remover to swipe nails – and wait a full 30 minutes after the rest of your manicure BEFORE applying hand cream.’

John Frieda, 4 Aldford Street, London W1K 2AE/020-7491 0840; NB Jessica can only see clients who are also having a hair appointment.