Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A memorable Voyage

Beauty Bible’s Hot Tip for one of the fragrance hits of 2010: yesterday we got to have a preview sniff of – and a play with - the new Voyage d’Hermès fragrance. First off, we’d like to place a small bet that the flacon runs away with the Most Ingenious Bottle of the Year Award – it’s inspired by a stirrup, but the silver case swivels 180˚ so you can access the atomiser. And the fragrance that’s revealed by this elegant gesture is fresh, citrussy, subtly woody once it’s been on the skin for a while – and utterly enchanting. ‘Unisex’ doesn’t do it any favours as a description, but the bottom line is that we’d be as happy to encounter it while nuzzling a male neck as on our own wrists, once it launches later in the spring.