Friday, 15 January 2010

Revlon nails spring shades

It isn't every day (though we wish it was) that we get our nails done by Andria Fulerton, twice voted British Nail Technician of the Year (and whose celebrity devotees include Nigella, Sharon Stone, Annie Lennox and Daisy Lowe). But at Browns Hotel to demo Revlon's pretty spring shades - which include a soft shimmery mauve (Lilac Pastel) and a pretty pale green (Minted) - Andria shared some of her top nail tips (apologies for pun) with us. Number one: everything you do for your face, do for your hands. (That means: moisturiser, sunscreen, even masks.) Two: rubber gloves are a must - 'it's old advice, but it really works.' And three - which we've always found - always try to wear a nail varnish; 'some is better than none for both strengthening and protecting nails.' We've long been fans of Revlon's offering, among the most chip-proof on the market and true beauty steals. (Though they don't usually come with matching mauve and green cupcakes, so we made the most of those, too...)

(PS Sorry about less-than-fabulous photo quality here - which doesn't do Andria justice; Jo's Leica's on the blink so this is phone pic.)