Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Primer time!

Just when a beauty editor thinks she’s seen it all, ironed the t-shirt, etc. along comes innovation. (That’s why we love this job. Keeps the juices flowing.) Case in point: Hourglass’s Solar Tan self-tanning primer: a double-duty, silicone-rich primer that blends into skin to create the perfect base for make-up – and then subtly ups your ‘glow factor’, too, as the colour develops. Hourglass founder and beauty dynamo Carisa Janes demo-ed this to Beauty Bible (and other lustable-after items from the range) at The Charlotte Street Hotel. (Where – as an aside - we also had confirmation of something we’ve always suspected: that the mascara industry acknowledges there aren’t just HAIR types, but LASH types – which is why so many mascaras just don’t do what they’re meant to. Case in point: any wand looking like a dead bee basically skims over Jo’s lashes without gripping.) We’re also loving Hourglass’s Tinted Moisturiser (with an SPF15), and the Mineral Primer (again, SPF15) – definitively better than a regular moisturiser under mineral base, we’ve found. And their Illume Crème-to-Powder Bronzer Duo also kicks off a whole new category of products: a blendable golden matte bronzer that melts into skin and stays put. We fantasise about warm weather or at least The Big Melt, so we can put this through its paces properly - and rather look forward to what else Carisa has up her elegant sleeve for us next time.

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