Monday, 22 August 2011

There's 'The Ultimate Facial'. And there's this...

We have a lot of time for facials.
     Well, in truth, we don't have as much time for them as we'd like.
     But here's one we'll be making time for: the new Liz Earle Healthy Beautiful Skin Facial, which leaves complexion looking - well, just that. Healthy. And beautiful...
    It's very hands-on.  (Lots of puff-beating massage.)  Uses some of all all-time favourite products.  And, frankly, is as much of a skin treat anyone could wish for.  Even a picky, picky beauty editor.
     Or two.

And here's where to find it:

Liz Earle Duke of York Square - available now (call 020-7730 9191)
John Lewis Cheadle - from 23rd August
John Lewis Newcastle - from 14th October
John Lewis Reading - from 17th October