Friday, 5 August 2011

The perfect powder room

Off somewhere swanky for the weekend?
     Hope so.
     Will they have a powder room as gorgeous as this...?
     Maybe not.
     We're loving the vintage stool, almost camouflaged by the wallpaper.  (Stools like that go for a song in seaside junk shops.)
     We adore the way that a boring brown wood sideboard's been converted (with a bit of marble and some black paint) into a sunken washstand, complete with splashback.  (Which has been perfectly shaped to showcase the window.)
     Thanks to the ever-inspiring interiors blog A Punch of Colour for letting us look through the keyhole at such a perfect little space.
     We'd rather like to be washing our hands somewhere as glam as this, this weekend.
     But it'll probably be Wet Wipes on the beach, again.
     (And nothing wrong with that, at this time of year.)

For A Punch of Colour, click here