Monday, 8 August 2011

Feast your beady eyes on these…

Only if you’ve been living in a cave could you have missed that false lashes are suddenly huge
     In every way. 
     Forget ‘can’t-tell-them-from-real’:  the current trend is for lashes that a Jersey cow would be proud of – thick, lustrous, preferably eyebrow-grazing.  
     In fact, false lashes are so hot-hot-hot that in Superdrug – where (in selected stores) you can have lashes you’ve bought there reapplied for free – they sold 40,000 pairs of their new ‘falsies’ in the first week or so.
     But trust Shu Uemura (say it 'shoo ay-moor-ah') – who were lash kings long before the current fad for faux – to up the ante, beading the tips of these feathery creations, which you can find at their Tokyo Lash Bars and on-line.
     Not so much false eyelashes.  
     More false 'eye-FLASHES', we'd say.