Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Big Veggie Survey

Since the launch of Meat Free Monday, the number of vegetarians has soared.  (It figures:  if you can go deliciously meat-free one day a week, why not every day...?)
     And if you're veggie, demi-veggie, pescatarian, The Vegetarian Society would like to hear from you.  (Or even if you're raging carnivore, come to that.)  They're currently running an on-line survey into eating habits.
     Go on, fill it in.  It's August.  The office is really quiet.  And you could win a £50 voucher for a Beefeater Grill meal.  (Which is more logical when you discover they've recently introduced Vegetarian Society-approved dishes on their menu.  Though we're still not entirely sure how die-hard veggies - that includes Jo - would feel, seated next to a rare-steak-eater.  Happily, then, the voucher applies across the Whitbread Group generally.)
     We think it's food for thought, anyway.

To fill in the survey click here
For info about Meat Free Monday, click here