Wednesday, 17 August 2011

At last, the unscary makeover

We know women who'd rather go on the Stealth ride at Thorpe Park than have a department store makeover.
     We know where you're coming from. (Although we've also had fantastic makeover experiences ourselves, most notably at Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Clinique and Chanel.)
     So:  you need to know about Shiseido's Magic Mirror, based on a revolutionary technology:  it scans your features, then allows you to 'apply' a range of lip, cheek and eye shades so you can see how they'll look on you - very realistically.
     No walking around wearing scary green eyeshadow all afternoon.  Or dashing back to the office to wash your face.
     Magic?  We'd say it lives up to its name...

And here's where to find the Magic Mirror, in a department store near you...

29th August – 17th September:  House of Fraser Meadowhall 
September – 3rd October:  House of Fraser Manchester
5th October – 19th October:  Jenners Edinburgh
21st October – 4th November:  John Lewis Newcastle
9th November – 29th November: House of Fraser Westfield
1st December – 24th December: House of Fraser Milton Keynes
23rd December – 20th January: House of Fraser Oxford St
23rd January – 11th February: Harrods