Friday, 12 August 2011

Our quirkiest bathroom yet...

We'd love to meet the woman who bathes here.
    Confident in her taste.   (You'd have to be, to mix Chinese cabinetry with a Rococo mirror and a straight-from-the-backwoods tree trunk. Not to mention the Japanese cork mat and the black-and-white wallpaper).
     Awfully stylish.
     And not afraid of a splash of colour.  (Try imagining this bathroom with a black or beige cabinet, in place of the lipstick red.  Would it be half as impactful...?)
     Let this latest in our series of beautiful bathrooms - courtesy of A Punch of Color blog - inspire you, this weekend.
     Either to reach for the paintbrush.
     Or a chainsaw.
     Or simply to lay back in your own bath, and relax.