Friday, 7 October 2011

Orangetastic! Our favourite bathroom yet...

We are in lurve.  Lurve, lurve, LURVE, we tell you.
     For this is just about the sexiest bathroom we've ever seen.  Quite where they got the giant Hermès logo and the Napoleonic shower stand, we can't say.  (Paris's Marché aux Puces seems a fair bet, though.)
     Meanwhile, forget dog-eared copies of Sunday colour supplements beside the loo: this is what we call bathroom reading matter.  (We are as we write transporting armfuls of coffee table books to the smallest room, having been inspired...)
     But it's the colour combo which really sends this rocketing up the bathroom charts, for us.  Those punches of Hermès orange really bring the white-tiled room, with its black ceiling, alive.  (Trust A Punch of Color, one of our fave blogs, to have showcased this.)
     Orange.  Doesn't it just look juicy, in a bathroom...?

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