Thursday, 13 October 2011

Now it's websites at dawn!

Chanel started it, with their fan-flipping-tastic Make-up Confidential website.
      But since then, other make-up brands have been upping their video game with fun-to-watch mini-movies that we really enjoy tuning into with a biccie and a cuppa around now, in a busy day.
     The latest stylish salvo in the 'video wars' comes from Dior, with this playful film showcasing their new shades, Tetris and pinball-style.
     But game over...?
     Not by a long shot, we'd say.
     (And we can't wait to see what the make-up videomeisters come up with next.)

Click here to enjoy the fun (and to view other favourite mini-films of ours, type the word 'VIDEO' in the SEARCH THIS BLOG box, right.)