Wednesday, 19 October 2011

It's Love Your Body Day!

We thought you'd like to know.
     Especially because so few women we know do love their bodies - and we'd like to see that change.
     We salute the efforts of the Dove Dove Campaign for Real Beauty to break the stereotypes that pervade advertising, and their work to boost the self-esteem of every girl, growing up.  And Psychologies magazine, too, whose Positive Beauty manifesto we wrote about here.
     We slap the wrists of advertisers who airbrush women's faces to erase wrinkles, or their bodies to sleek silhouettes.
     And yes, we'd like to see a much wider range of ages and skintones, throughout the media.  (We've always made an effort to do that, in our Beauty Bible books.)
     Love Your Body Day is the brainchild of the National Organization for Women Foundation, in the States.  (Wish there was something similar in the UK.)
     We're not saying you have to strip down to your skimpies to join the celebration.  But we invite you to feel good about your body, today. About the fact it works so amazingly.  About your 'good points'.  Even about your so-called 'flaws'.
     Because if you don't love your body, how can you expect anyone else to...?
     It's a good place to start, we'd say.

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