Friday, 21 October 2011

The bathroom-cum-bedroom...

Have you noticed the trend for installing bathrooms in bedrooms? Honestly, everyone's doing it.  How practical it is, we're not sure.  (Though as long as the loo still has a lock, maybe that's fine.)
     Anyway, here's a rather splendid example of a hybrid bathroom/bedroom.  It nicely fills the spot we've specifically created on a Friday, to inspire all you bloghounds to give yourselves some pampering TLC over the weekend.  Found it on Greige Design, a new blog discovery of ours that anyone who's fond of Scandinavian or neutral interiors will probably hyperventilate over.    
     We like the idea you could almost roll right out of this silvered bath and into bed.  Or vice versa.  In fact, the only thing that would make this more inviting, as far as we're concerned, is if there was a massage couch set up in the foreground.  With a strong-armed female masseuse just out of shot.
     We like to think of it as creative visualisation, actually.
     But whatever you've planned, have a beautiful weekend...

For Greige Design's blog, click here